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The I-LHC Project has been completed successfully and first LHC runs have taken place. These pages are not updated any more, but are kept as reference as they contain general information on the project and minutes of meetings.

Aim of the I-LHC Project : The aim of the I-LHC project is to consider all aspects to be taken into account and, all hardware additions necessary, in order to allow heavy ion operation of the LHC, in addition to proton operation. The projects deals :
  • with LHC related aspects and issues limiting the performance during ion operation and,
  • the complete LHC ion injector chain from the source to the SPS and including accumulation in LEIR as central part.
I-LHC Project Leader : Stephan Maury

Aim of the LEIR Project : LEIR is a central part of the ion injector chain for LHC. The low intensity ion beam coming from Linac 3 will be accumulated and cooled with strong electron cooling, in order to obtain dense ion bunch useful for LHC ion operation. To this end, the existing LEAR machine will be reconstructed and modified, based on the results of extensive investigations and a proof of principle experiment. Main issues are the multiturn injection with stacking in all three phase spaces, fast electron cooling and to overcome the beam loss induced vacuum degradation observed during accumulation tests.
LEIR Project Leader : Michel Chanel


LHC ion filling for nominal operation
(Note that for initial operation a simplified "early stage scheme" will be used)


Sketch of the LHC ion injector chain with main hardware additions necessary and aspects to be taken into account

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Last update on Nov 1st, 2007